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Wherever you go, you will always find a most promising place which can make you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and comfortable. The most common place to go is the beach. There are many different relaxing beaches and luxurious resorts across the globe. If you are in Fort Myers South West Florida, there are more reasons to enjoy the cool splash and water adventure with its popular Fort Myers beach.


While walking on the white sandy beaches, you will eventually feel an incredible feeling that you never felt before. This is the most ideal way to forget about your problems and the stressful world of your job. Today, there are already many people who have discovered the paradise-like view of Fort Myers, Florida beach.


The Ft. Myers Beach town was only incorporated in 1995 but the history of this island goes back for more than 2, 000 years. It was stated that the previous residents of this island include homesteaders, pirates and Calusa Indians. It was also previously called by the names Estero Island and Crescent Beach. Its population eventually started to increase by 50 percent in 1940. It created the 2nd land boom as the Coast Guard stations, churches, library and numerous civic organizations of United States begun to manage it.




This place also gained the title as the “World’s Safest Beach” because it does not have an undertow, and it has shallow water. Its ocean floor slopes gently without large waves and a sudden drop off. You can find paths going to twenty five public beaches on the islands’ Gulf of Mexico side. This provides a lot of great opportunities for the visitors and residents to enjoy its breathtaking scenery and sunsets.


Fort Myers Beach is also popular because of the colorful and lively festivals, fishing off its pier, boating, seafood restaurants and other exciting outdoor activities.  The Caloosahatchee River, which is a portion of Intracoastal Waterway, flows through Fort Myers FL. It provides a water pathway coming from the Mexican Gulf across Florida and going to the Atlantic Ocean.


Many locals and visitors are also visiting Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival,  Gulf Coast Fine Arts Festival,   Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade, and more. As you explore the beautiful and attractive area of Fort Myers, Florida, you will learn more of its abundant culture, art and history. Everything is well regulated and organized. Thus, there will be no problems regarding the safety and security of the locals and even the tourists.





Everybody can enjoy each special events in the town of Fort Myers Beach, just like they can enjoy the lovely scenes of its white sand beach. Today, the community in this place continually grows as there are more building structures established such as arenas, planetariums, shopping malls and bars. These are the most exciting parts of living in Fort Myers.






If you are after entertainment and dinner, you can even make reservations at Dinner Theatre, which is a local place for those who want to reward themselves. Another interesting activity for fun and adventure lovers is riding on the Murder Mystery Dinner Train of Seminole Gulf Railway




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