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South West Florida is a wonderful part of the country with an exciting feeling. Tropical weather, plenty of water, beautiful landscapes, and a diversity of people all make it an exciting place to live. Right in the middle of it all is Cape Coral. Located between Florida’s two big cities, Tampa to the North, and Miami to the South, it gives the accessibility of what a big city has to offer without the constant hustle and bustle of it all. The quality of life is what is to be expected from a coastal area.


Cape Coral is made up of 114 square miles of land, the largest city in South West Fl. There are also over 400 miles of canals and waterways flowing through the city. With numerous boat ramps, it makes fishing, boating, and all types of water sports plentiful and easily accessible. The Gulf of Mexico, and the Caloosahatchee River provide beaches, venues and fun to compliment the aquatic experience in and around the city.






The Recreation Department in Cape Coral is one of the best in the State. It has focused on bringing enjoyment to a wide variety of age groups, catering to young and old alike. This provides an experience like no other, in a clean, natural environment, creating a significant enhancement to the quality of life.  There are an abundance of golf courses, tennis courts, parks, and natural preserves. Give places like Sun Splash,   Jaycee Park,  and  The Yacht Club a try…fun for all the family!!! The city achieves the highest ratings consistently in Public Safety, throughout the State and in the United States. Cape Coral also provides a superb Education Department encompassing a top ranked Charter School.







Cape Corals dining experiences range from: Italian, Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, and many more, giving good reason to frequent the numerous restaurants like Iguana Mia, Anthony’s, Kumo,  Rumrunners,  Bubbas Roadhouse,  and many others!!! If it is the “Nightlife” that you like, most of these establishments have nighttime entertainment, including live music, karaoke and more! It is also good to mention the enormous variety of seafood establishments that are around every corner, like  New England Moorings,  Bistro en Vivo, and Crazy Fish.  If you like meals from the Sea, you will love Cape Coral!!!!!!


You will also enjoy the many events held throughout the year: Farmers Market,  Festival of Lights,  Red White and Boom (4th of July celebration), and many, many more create family orientated fun days around the city.


So, whether you’re moving or just visiting, the opportunities are endless and exciting! Relaxation, fun, and an atmosphere of a refreshing, tropical life await you! See you soon!!!!!




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