Captiva Island




Captiva Island SW Florida deserves to be included in your long list of potential destinations for holidays. The place has lots to offer, all of which you and your loved ones will definitely treasure. Why not choose Captiva Island SW Florida as your island getaway? You will definitely enjoy the beaches and the attractions, not to mention that it can also amaze you with its specialty in terms of foods. People, though from many different places, are accommodating and friendly, which will make your stay extra enjoyable.

Are you fond of spending a wonderful day on beaches? Well, Captiva Island SW Florida really is the best place for you. You won’t get enough of swimming, and you can even do some shell hunting with your family. There are a lot of options when it comes to beaches nestled in the wonderful Captiva Island, like the very famous Blind Pass Beach.





And if you are also into watersports, prepare yourself, for this island is an ideal destination for that. This is a perfect place to enjoy and learn paddle boarding and other exciting watersports. YOLO Watersports is a rental shop and sporting goods, and they are willing to help you learn paddle boarding; they will help you enjoy a ride on the banana boat and get you into para-sailing.

Looking for a serene and peaceful place? Chapel by the Sea is actually the best spot. It is a historic chapel located at Captiva Island. It is a tranquil, calm, and warm church by the sea. Enjoy a peaceful day while listening to the soft waves - nothing will be better than that experience.

Are you looking for an exquisite dining experience? Well, beachfront dining is highly recommended when you are in Captiva Island. Mucky Duck is actually one of the most popular beachfront restaurants in this place. You will definitely enjoy a variety of exceptional foods, such as seafood and many more. Not to mention that the island is actually filled with lots of excellent restaurants such as the RC Otters Island Eats, which is not just a restaurant as it also has lots of other fun activities to offer, The Green Flash with great views, and there is also the famous Keylime Bistro, a very good restaurant with premium prices. In addition to that, you can also enjoy your stay at the Bubble Room, which is a restaurant as well as a museum of many discarded toys as well as Christmas.

Aside from dining, you can also go shopping. The island can also offer you different shopping stores that are perfect for shopping for souvenirs as memoirs of your vacation or stay. You don’t have to worry about other things either, as you can actually find shops that will cater to your needs and requirements. This is the good thing about Captiva Island - there is no shortage of exciting things to do. As long as you are on the go, you will definitely find a place for whatever you want to do. In fact, tourists and visitors from other places can’t help it but regularly come back to this great island, Captiva Island SW Florida.



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