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Welcome to Ft. Myers Beach, Florida
Although the Town of Ft. Myers Beach may be young, incorporated only in 1995, the history of the Island goes back over 2,000 years. The diversity of residents once living on  Ft. Myers Beach includes the Calusa Indians, pirates and homesteaders.  Once known as Crescent Beach and Estero Island, Ft. Myers Beach did not begin to boom until the 1920's when Florida began to be known as a vacation hot-spot! The land boom of Florida was short lived due to hurricanes, and although, the construction industry slowed, small businesses and restaurants continued to pop up on Crescent Beach as well as a school and a number of new subdivisions. By the 1940's "pink gold" was found off shore which ignited not only the shrimping industry by the ancillary businesses to support it.  This increased the population by 50% during the decade, creating the second land boom seen on the island as US Coast Guard stations, the library, churches, and a number of civic organizations began to take hold.  
Ft. Myers Beach has gained the reputation as the "World's Safest Beach" since there is no undertow and plenty of shallow water, the ocean floor slopes gently with no sudden drop offs or large waves.  There are 25 public beach accesses on the Gulf of Mexico side of the island, providing plenty of opportunities for residents and visitors a like to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets that are known all over the world, as well as festivals, boating, fishing off the pier, seafood restaurants and plenty of outdoor activity.
Real Estate options on Ft. Myers Beach range from single family homes and water front properties to beach side condominiums. With miles of white sandy beaches, plenty of job opportunities and so much diversity in the real estate industry, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida is the perfect place to raise a family, start a business or retire.
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